Introduction of AIIIS

Azaan International Institute of Islamic Studies(AIIIS) (An associated unit of Azaan International School) was established in the year 2011CE/ 1433 AH to promote and strengthen the Azaan movement and to ensure the overall development of the children and help build a cohesive community. The institute works under the auspices and guidance of the renowned Ulama. AIIIS has redefined the blend of Modern Education with Islamic Education and Tarbiyah.
The Institution has redefined the blend of modern and Islamic education and Tarbiyah. The concept of learning and memorizing Quran and taking regular academic classes are two diametrically opposite educational concepts. The challenge to blend the two was not an easy task. The resolution of the management, unrelenting efforts of AIIIS and staunch support of academic teaching staff has made it possible. Alhamdulillah, a humble beginning has now resulted in producing quality Huffaz.
Goal of AIIIS
To ensure the overall development of children and help build cohesive community.
The students enrolled in this Department also continue with their academic subjects. The section continues to thrive as a preferred destination for students striving to immerse in the study of the great ocean of the knowledge of Qur’an. The purpose of this section is to produce quality Huffaz who not only can lead daily prayers in their locality, but also become Intercessors for ten members of their family before Allah  on the Day of Judgment.
Teaching Methodology
Students of Nazirah section are taught Noorani Qaida with properly followed strategies for Tajweed which requires almost one complete year. After the completion of Qaida, a child has to qualify in an exam for getting promoted for Nazirah of Quran which also requires one complete year. After completing Nazirah, the child is again promoted to Hifz- e-Quran. The duration for completing the three stages depends on the child’s competency. An average student may take five years along with conventional academics and an above average child may take four years; a brilliant child may take three years or less than that.

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