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Azaan Gems International School: Always welcome individuals with a passion for innovation and creativity to be part of our family and to help prepare our students for life. Our challenging work environment will not only provide you with an enriching experience every day, but will also give you a fulfilling career. Email us at if you are interested in a career with us.
Professional development - Workshops
Workshop for Teachers
Most schools plan for teacher orientation: Most important for the professional development of new teachers are the internal support systems and strategies that the schools adopt expecting teachers to function without support is based on the false assumptions that (a) teachers are well prepared for their initial classroom and school experiences, (b) teachers can develop professional expertise on their own, and (c) teaching can be mastered in a relatively short period of time.  Researchers find that there is little attempt to lighten the class load and limit extra-class assignments to make the beginning teacher’s job easier. 
Ours was also the same. We organize an Orientation Program for our teachers in April for the coming academic year.. We do our best to support the new comers and to share our teaching methodologies with our colleagues. To build relationships amongst our staff as many teachers feel isolated from their colleagues, this can in turn make them feel alienated from their work. Building relationships with colleagues is necessary for them to feel engaged professionally sound. To focus on professional development, because faculty meetings are among the few occasions when the entire staff is together, they provide a precious opportunity for systematically building the instructional capacity of teachers.
Conference: The staff is encouraged to attend conferences held beyond the boundaries of the school.  A 2 days conference held on 4th and 5th of Nov’17 was attended by the school staff. The conference was held for initiating measures to extend services for the upliftment of the youth and the community.
Guest speakers: Motivational Training by Motivational Speaker Mr Syed Sayeed Ahmed
We firmly believe that every child enters the world with a personality unlike any others. Our job, as educators and as parents, is not to alter that personality to fit in with the rest of us, but to provide an environment that allows youth’s innate talents to flourish, so our young ones can both follow their dreams and serve our world.
School Speakers provides a range of sessions which are:
1. Offered in a range of educational fields including: leadership, returning to teaching, community education services, enterprise, careers, business & finance, technology in the classroom.
2. Available as talks, seminars, workshops, half day and full day options.
We are confident that we can provide the teachers with a speaker that will enthuse, motivate and raise aspirations amongst our students. Many are arranged this year as individual speakers to organize the entire growth of the employees as well as the organization. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and efficient service. Our speakers play good role models. They always aim to enthuse, motivate and inform their audience. The speakers are passionate about education, interesting stories, and school events and of course brilliant speakers whose presentations were truly inspiring; our students really enjoy listening to them. They motivate them for their mind sets, working hard, broadening their horizons, learning new skills and believing in themselves, they too could achieve anything they put their hearts into. An inspiring speaker could endure impression in a fantastic view point to inculcate the most needed eligibility as a self-esteemed person in both the teachers and the students to lead a well set dignified life. This year we had a motivational speaker Mr. Syed Sayeed who spoke passionately about the education and his program has been very inspiring and eye opening. It has helped us to believe more and more in ourselves. His delivery style and conversations are completely unique, fun oriented, powerful, activity based, which leaves a long lasting impact on the audience. He inspired and delivered warm encouraging messages with conviction, he has a brilliant track record of effective motivational training which makes a positive difference to the corporate executives, management teams.

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