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The contemporary education system has been highly successful in drastically increasing the literacy levels; but the same cannot be said of the education levels! In a social scenario where morals and ethics are fast vanishing, education coupled with spiritual values is paramount. The need of the hour is a society that’s educated, collectively responsible and morally righteous. A school is the first place that leaves a profound impact during the formative years of children, the denizens of tomorrow. After all, these are the citizens of the future who would constitute the world. It makes perfect sense to groom them into knowledgeable and socially conscious members of the society; it is they who command the power to make or break the destinies of nations.


We at Azaan strongly believe that ethics and values should form the core of any meaningful learning process. There is a pressing need to impart education, in order to shape a well rounded generation next. At Azaan we make it our constant endeavor to deliver the very best of education. Our teachers, curriculum we impart and code of conduct we enforce combine brilliantly to shape students into citizens driven by ethics and values. Special focus is on children from affluent families as they tend to fall prey to social evils more easily due to abundant resources at their disposal. The value of education, life, virtues and ethics are instilled in children to make them better human beings. In fact the mission of nurturing model citizens who would be ambassadors of human values forms the crux of our novel initiative, The Azaan Movement.


We take special care in driving the message that success is less about leaving others behind and more about carrying everyone along with team spirit. Our methodologies and curriculum offer the most contemporary academic knowledge. We foresee our students essaying dual roles of acclaimed professionals in their chosen fields and responsible citizens.


Our bigger scheme of things gives precedence to deploying an ultra modern seat of supreme learning that facilitates dissemination of academic and spiritual knowledge. We reiterate our commitment to expose each of our students to the supremacy of academic knowledge.



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