Posted 30-04-2018

Annual Sports Meet…2017


 “All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This proverb highlights the importance of playful activities in our life. Sports help to improve both physical and mental strength.Our body remains fit and healthy.

  The most exciting activity of a school is the Annual Sports Day. AGIS celebrated its Annual Sports Meet on 22nd December 2017. The event started with the welcoming of the Chief guest,dignitaries and parents by the little ones of Nursery and releasing of balloons. This was followed by the marchpast and drill. There were events like‘run and collect the balls’ by Nursery, ‘balancing beam’ by PP1, ‘hurdle race’ by PP2.Musical chairs was also arranged for the mother’s and running race for the father’s of the children.Parents too participated with lot of sportiveness. The children were divided according to their house colours for the march past.The head boy followed by the head girl and the sports captain lead the four houses with their house captains holding the flags for march past. The tiny tots of Pre primary displayed their confidence and talent through a colourful and mesmerizing drill. With their colourful props,caps,headbands,house colour dress, these children left a memorable impact on the parents.


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